Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Links

  • The above shows estimated surface mass balance for Greenland in recent years compared to historical norms.  Clearly 2012, with astoundingly rapid sea ice loss, wasn't very good for the Greenland ice sheet either (from Arctic Sea Ice blog).
  • US National Intelligence Council report on global trends to 2030 - haven't had a chance to digest this yet.
  • Professor Krugman with nice graphs on labor share of output and the college premium.
  • This last figure comes via a post at Dosbat and compares one scenario for anthropogenic global warming to the Paleo-Eocene Thermal Maximum (one of the most pronounced natural episodes of global warming which was possibly caused by magma intrusions into coalbeds):


sunbeam said...

Hmm in one of your posts you had a theory about why higher temperatures, moisture levels in the atmosphere, and why we seeing a drying effect.

That is to say, I understand that a thousand years from now, the Western US might be getting more rain as a result of global warming?

HalFiore said...

Hey, Stuart. Have to admit, I just scanned the article the second chart was taken from (that is to say, looked at the pictures.) I then looked at the Sci Am article it came from (again just scanned.) What I think would be very useful would be a chart scaled to highlight the change to date with maybe just a few years out. I think showing the divergence in the recent spike compared with the PETM would be more useful to show to a skeptic or uneducated person. Do you know if the data is readily available?

HalFiore said...

Oops, sorry.

Just read the Sci Am article and realized it was from July 2011. Dang good article, though.