Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday Links


Stephen B. said...

$7/gallon milk?

I don't usually do the supermarket shopping, but last week I noticed various roast beef cuts going for $17.99 to $23.99 a pound....not that we usually buy roast beef anyhow, but....WOW!

I guess people aren't eating beef all that much anymore. It also shows the effect of nationwide drought on hay and grain prices (and, of course, the ongoing effects of grain diverted to biofuel production.)

If I end up relocating to Maine full time, there is certainly a couple of head of cattle in my future.

Alexander Ac said...

And here is one link:

U.S. Oil Rigs Decline by Most Since 1992 in Baker Hughes Count

In the bloomberg article is a funny statement that the decline in the oil rig count is a result of "more efficient" technology. Well, I did not know that peak oil is a result of "more efficient" technologies.. :)