Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Links

  • US oil production (above) is still increasing in September, according to the EIA.  The major contributions are coming from the Eagle Ford shale and the Permian Basin in Texas, and the Bakken formation in North Dakota.
  • October PMI indicates expansion in Chinese manufacturing for the first time in 2012.
  • Outlook for offshore wind: dark and stormy.
  • US house prices up over 6% in October compared to last year.
  • Arms race between the US and China in drones?


sunbeam said...

I find this comment from the drone article quite humourous:

"Second, China lacks the manpower to properly support their new fleet of drones. Whereas the U.S. has been training and honing a large force of UAV pilots, technicians and operation managers for 15 years."

The Chinese don't have technicians? Or guys that sit around and play video games? And yeah, that is pretty much what a UAV pilot is. Which is pretty profound and important if you think about it.

Stuart Staniford said...

Sunbeam - I'd think what that would actually translate into would not be a failure to use the drones, but rather more sloppiness and screw-ups (kind of what "Made in China" typically connotes at this stage in their growth).

sunbeam said...

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

But I remember cheap looking, and cheaply built transistor radios and consumer electronics in the 70's.

15 years later the Japanese were a whole different story.