Friday, February 5, 2010

Mexican Oil Consumption

Continuing yesterday's exploration, and with major hat-tip to commenter KLR, the above graph shows Mexican oil consumption in 2009 from the Sistema de Informacion Energetica.  Since the system doesn't seem to provide permanent links, I will just refer you to KLR's procedure in comments to yesterday's post.

The big picture is, as with the US and Canadian statistics, a low in Q2, followed by growth in Q3 and flatness in Q4, except here for December.  These are seasonally unadjusted numbers as far as I can tell, so I can't say yet to what extent the spike in December usage is a seasonal feature in Mexico.  As with Canada yesterday, the absolute size of the fluctuations is much smaller than in the US, so changes in US consumption strongly dominate changes in North American consumption (as one might have expected, but it's good to be sure).

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KLR said...

Glad to be of help. I forget who at TOD linked to the SIE site originally, it's a great resource, and apparently fairly arcane - Leanan was asking for the instructions last month for Art Berman's use; Art's a guy who's published a fair amount of papers on petroleum geology and had a column in OilWorld until recently, so it was surprising that he didn't know about this nugget of info.

Perhaps they have archives on the site for historical data, too; I thoroughly no habla, and we should have someone fluent in Spanish see what resources that site has. Or we could just feed the site map line-by-line into BabelFish. The main Pemex site has yearly reports that provide annual data on field production, consumption, etc. so that's taken care of.