Friday, February 12, 2010

Gone Kayaking

My wife and I are headed up to Tomales Bay with kayaks and camping gear for the long weekend.

No further blogging until Tuesday morning.  Have a great weekend everyone.  Will try to add a few photos to this post when I get back.

In the meantime, there's an actual post below.

Update: A few snaps below the break.

Kayaks pulled up above high tide at Marshall Beach where we camped:

Heading out into the morning mist, headlands over the bow of my kayak (I was paddling a tandem from the rear with the front seat and bow loaded with firewood and gear):

View across Tomales Bay with farms on the other side peeking through mist.  Unrelated sailboat very slowly disappearing in almost calm conditions:

Pt Reyes side of Bay, beautiful cliffs largely obscured by beautiful sun and fog.

Good times.

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kjmclark said...

Any chance you'll be able to put up some pictures? Can I just say that I'm insanely jealous? We *did* get to go cross-country skiing with the kids and have a snowball fight, but one thing we really miss about living in Michigan is the lack of mountains. It's about as flat as Iowa around here.

Hope you had a great time!