Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Global Oil Production Statistics (to Jan 2010)

In recent days, the IEA and OPEC have come out with January global liquid fuel production numbers.  I updated my graphs accordingly.  The above shows just the recovery since the trough in global production last summer.  I think the last few months show some sign of a softening in the rate of increase, though it's too soon to say it's more than just noise.  At any rate, the overall recovery trend is now 3 +/- 1 mbd/year.

Below is the data since 2002, with five month centered moving average, recursed once (and CPI adjusted oil price on the right scale).

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Anonymous said...


Can you pls provide the excel sheet for the above data?

Im having some difficulty replicating the graph. For example, i cant seem to find monthly data for non-opec IEA production.

Thanks for the help; and great post