Monday, February 1, 2010

Iraqi Production Flat in December

In the interests of being able to properly obsess over the development of the al-Shahristani plan, I updated my Iraq production graph with the December IEA point (newly available) and added the last 12 months of data from the OPEC MOMR.  At some point, I will work the rest of the OPEC data back, but doing 12 months was tedious enough for right now.  I then added an average curve, similar to how I maintain a Saudi production chart, with five different data sources.

Anyway, production in December was basically flat over October and November, according to both OPEC and the IEA, which report first.  The level is about 2.4mbd.  It will be interesting to see if/when production increases in Rumaila (which I would assume to have the first-mover advantage) start to make a noticeable difference.

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Manolo said...

Stuart, nice follow-up, thank you !