Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Links

  • At high speed, on the road to a driverless future.
  • Weakness in air cargo industry.
  • Tom Murphy corrects some common bad thinking about entropy.
  • Prosecutors claim Liberty Reserve handled $6 billion in criminal transactions over seven years and was the leading online money-launderer.  That's a big number, and yet also not, in the context of a $74 trillion global economy.

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HalFiore said...

So, in other words entropy isn't a word that the vast majority of us should ever even have a reason to use. Well, you can't blame those of us who never went beyond undergrad physics. I had at least one textbook that used the "cluttered room" as an illustration of entropy, and distinctly remember a chemistry prof at our alma mater using the coffee and cream example.

Haha captcha is "teachers Empospe." 'Course I just put in random characters for the first one to mess with Google.