Monday, April 25, 2011

Anyone Read Arabic?

It would be really great if someone competent could translate this.


Tom said...

I tried Google translate. It said something about a luau August 8th.

Plan B: Its being forwarded to a person who speaks Arabic. Hopefully he'll get back to you.

bordoe said...

Looked up only part I could understand (the English cites) and came up with this:

What I REALLY would love to read is:

AL-Moneeef, Majid (2011) The Evolution of Saudi Arabia’s Oil Policy,
unpublished manuscript, Riyadh

BTW: Stuart. How in the world did you come across this? Amazing work!

Kenneth D. Worth said...

Is that possibly the research paper by SA's OPEC minister cited in Platt's as stating that Saudi oil production would not be rising much if at all over the next five years while domestic demand would increase?

I wonder.

Shortly after the Platt's article appeared, the AEC website was down for several hours. Routine maintenance.

Unknown said...

It's a paper by Majed al-Muneef, former advisor to Saudi oil minister Naimi (or maybe still is??) entitled "Saudi economy and the future of energy". Sorry, too long to translate but maybe the author has a version in English...sometimes he does.