Saturday, June 12, 2010

Radio Ecoshock Podcasts

Just a note that Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock invited me on his radio show to talk about the heat stress posts I did.  I don't think I'm that great at radio, but if you'd like to check it out with appropriately modest expectations, Alex's blog post is here, the whole show is available as an mp3 (either CD quality 56MB, or 14MB low-fi version), and my 15 minute segment is here.


Robert said...

I thought that you did extremely well on radio. I did note that during the second minute you first used the word "possibility" then later the expression "small possibility" - referring to a large temperature increase. Were you to edit the transcript or repeat the interview which would you prefer?

Stuart Staniford said...


Maybe "small probability" would be best for the full 12 degree Celsius rise. Best estimates currently are that's around a 5% probability. Not the most likely outcome, but large enough to not just put it out of mind altogether, either.

KLR said...

Nicely done. Perhaps you'll be on Radio Zapata George next.

Found this podcast site a while ago: Grinning Planet. All political/enviro type stuff, may be of interest.