Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Global Temperature Records

Most of my readers are probably aware of this, but just in case some aren't, global temperature is currently setting records again.  May was the hottest May during the intrumental record, and Jan-May 2010 is the hottest Jan-May period on record (graph above).  Full detail from the NOAA monthly state of the climate report.

This is where it was most anomalously warm in May:

Looks like the summer is getting off to a bad start for those glaciers in Greenland.

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MisterMoose said...

Drat! I was SO hoping that all that global warming stuff really was a huge scam designed to achieve socialism by other means, as well as helping Al Gore become obscenely rich... I guess this means I should start buying beach front property in West Virginia or Nevada? I can just see the tar balls leaving a ring around the Washington Monument...

So, if this continues, and rising temperatures slowly re-enter the public consciousness, what do you think will be the most likely outcome politically and economically?