Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Links

  • As I pointed out last week, the US is going to have a lot of explaining to do, internationally.
  • Given that the Obama administration has established a track record of being untruthful about NSA surveillance, it's going to be hard to credit their assurances going forward.
  • Some sign of life in Congress.  I think some one should point out how easy it would be for the NSA to identify most gun owners based on having all their phone/Internet records.  Then maybe we can get a little bit of second amendment anger going to help out the fourth amendment.
  • Interesting new green building material.
  • Administration also slowing down on new energy efficiency rules.


Anonymous said...

The thing I like about Congressional "investigations/hearings is the same people that have violated the law/lied to us are testifying. It's a game nothing will come of. This is a game that has gone on from the very beginnings of the country but, of course, most believe it's all new.

Stephen B. said...

That's an interesting comment on enlisting Second Amendment support for the Fourth...

I've often wondered why the Second enjoys such support and I think the simple answer is that it is easier to see the encroachments against it. I mean it's kind of black and white - either the government is allowing the citizenry to have guns or it's taking them. A gun is a tangible item in hand, or not.

If not for that, I suspect the Second Amendment would be falling away the way several of the rest of the Bill of Rights are.

Seth said...

Regarding the idea of enlisting Second Amendment support for the Fourth: John Oliver sitting in for Jon Stewart did a nice riff on the vastly different GOP response to gun background checks vs. monitoring phone calls.