Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Links

  • Suddenly the Guardian has become a must read for American political observers.
  • USDA announcing new programs to help farmers cope with a climate of greater extremes.
  • EIA estimates that global oil reserves are increased about 10% by tight (shale) oil.
  • A more detailed technical taxonomy of possibilities for PRISM (requires some computer security knowledge in places).


Aaron said...

I vote for this explanation:

NSA is vacuuming up everything from these companies and storing it in the Utah data center. As needed they issue FISA orders to the companies to filter for targets. The companies have plausible denial of only allowing FISA searches while the NSA gets what they want - mirroring not just at the telcos but inside the companies' network prior to end-to-end encryption. Not to mention truly stateful inspections since they can look back into the past.

No doubt as the NSA expanded their surveillance, encryption increasingly became a thorn in their side.

sunbeam said...

Hey Stuart, I'm not sure if it is possible to email you directly, but I wanted to give you a link to this.

I subscribed to this magazine once maybe 10 years ago, and they still send me some kind of email newsletter. I don't mind because the articles are usually interesting.

I've wondered about the status of Shale Gas worldwide for a while now.

And this article has a map!

Of course no discussion of depletion rates, but it is interesting to consider that people outside the US could go for these tight resources.

Stuart Staniford said...

My email is available in the "About Me" section on the right column of the blog. All readers are welcome to email me but, fair warning, I'm pretty hit and miss about replying.

Lars-Eric Bjerke said...

Stuart and sunbeam,

EIA and shale oil.

Geological Survey of Sweden claims that EIA is totally wrong about shale oil and gas reserves in Sweden.