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Gorgeous Wind Visualization

Check out's stunningly beautiful animation of the current pattern of US surface wind.  They have a gallery of past states too.

Latest Iranian and Saudi Oil Production

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February Climate

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Mr Al-Naimi Beats Oil Markets with Jawbone Again

In a rather breathless top-of-website story, the FT's Guy Chazan writes:
Saudi Arabia’s powerful oil minister, Ali Naimi, made a rare intervention into overheating oil markets on Tuesday, declaring that high oil prices were “unjustified” and vowing that the kingdom would boost its output by as much as 25 per cent if necessary.
Mr Chazan must not have been paying attention or he would know that Mr al-Naimi trying to cause the supply and demand curves for oil to intersect at a different place by jawboning them is a regular feature of the oil world.  It usually has a rather small effect on the price that lasts a day or two.  The thing that would actually affect prices, pumping more oil, he always rejects on the same tired grounds:

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