Sunday, October 24, 2010

Global Industrial Production Slowing Down

I just discovered that the World Bank has a blog, and a recent item discusses global industrial production, including the graph above.  The graph basically shows the percentage change between the most recent three months (at each point in the x-axis), and the prior three months, but corrected to annual rates, and seasonally adjusted.  So the last point represents the change from Mar-April-May, to June-July-August.  As you can see, the takeaway message is that industrial production has been flattening out in all categories of countries since the spring of 2010.

This is largely consistent with the story told by international trade statistics, and global oil production statistics.  The global economy does not appear to be contracting as of the most recent data (August for trade and industrial production, Sep for oil production).  However, it does seem to have slowed down considerably, and perhaps even stopped growing.

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