Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Links

  • Obama climate plan.  It does sound like the administration is planning to take some reasonable steps.  Well, it's not great, but given that there is no hope of congress doing anything, our expectations of a rational response to the situation have gotten very low, and this is much better than nothing.
  • Websites in both North and South Korea down due to cyber-attacks.
  • Mutually assured destruction in cyber-space.  I think this is an important subject.
  • Tundra fires in Siberia, record floods in Alberta, and heatwaves in Alaska.  All is not well in northern climes.
Also, administrivia note: blogging for the rest of this month and in July will be rather intermittent due to various summer/vacation things happening.  Relatively normal levels of blogging should resume around the beginning of August.  However, I'll try to keep at least some post flow so that you don't all abandon ship.


Robert Wilson said...

I hope that we don't miss the monthly chart on world oil supply with the separation of all liquids

Stuart Staniford said...


Duly noted :-).

HalFiore said...

Stuart, would you recommend Starfish and Spider?