Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday Links

  • Above is the latest figures for global oil supply from OPEC.  It looks like the pattern of flat supply has continued, so nothing very exciting.  I will try to post the usual monthly graphs later.
  • Snowden claims the NSA engaged in 61,000 hacking operations globally, including hundreds in Hong Kong.  I think this lends support to my conjecture that Snowden himself was a government cyber-offensive specialist.
  • The Chinese reaction.
  • Someone else putting solar on their barn (as I want to).

1 comment:

Mr. Sunshine said...

Group net metering is a great construct.

But Stuart, this 18kW total system (as detailed in the link) in VT will produce about 1750 kWh per month average or ~21000kWh per year.

You should install solar hot water, which is 55% efficient compared to 15% for PV. A lot more bang for the bux with mush more simple technology. Two 4X10 collectors and a 120 gallon tank would serve your DHW needs, if you're a typical US two person household. 100% summer / 50% winter, 70% annual.