Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gorgeous Wind Visualization

Check out's stunningly beautiful animation of the current pattern of US surface wind.  They have a gallery of past states too.


yvesT said...

Great looking indeed !

And strange how wind patterns draw texas frontiers somehow, with a kind of four points corner on the north west point

By the way, below link to a call towards french presidential candidates regarding peak oil :
Also published on energy bulletin :

Please do not hesitate to sign, and any language welcomed for the message !

Fixed Carbon said...

Stuart: We see lots of big wind generators inland from San Francisco and Palm Springs, places in the North American sphere of things that look calm. So what gives? Are these sites with big windmills (Altemont Pass, Suisun Bay, etc) local windy spots too small to show on the NA map? Does transmission of electricity cost so much that you place expensive wind mills where there isn't so much wind to save on transmission costs? Please edify me. Thanks, Don

yvesT said...

A bit in the same vein, NASA ocean current time lapse :

An don't forget to sign! :) :