Sunday, March 14, 2010

Iraqi Oil Production Increased in February

Production in February was up by around 100kbd (a little more according to the IEA, a little less according to OPEC).  That erases the very slight decline over the last six months, though it's too soon to say if it's the beginning of a new trend, or just a little bit of (pre-election?) noise.

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KLR said...

By my calc in 2006 Iraq used 138.85 kb/d for power generation, 26.05% of 532.99 kb/d total (data from World Bank and BP). KSA for the same year was 22.57% of their total, with strong seasonality apparent; I was wondering if production is impacted by that in some fashion - KSA burn raw crude in summer for peak A/C demand, perhaps Iraq is effected in the same way, or there is a correlation somewhere in there.

Attempting to mess with the JODI data I'm daunted both by the size of their World.csv - too big to open in any spreadsheet program, you have to use a text editor and break it up into manageable chunks - and the cryptic acronyms (where the hell is "INDCONC"?). Rembrandt has obviously done all this homework already, I'll ask him for help.

If you're interested, I've a spreadsheet with this World Bank WDI data for consumption of oil for electricity: Electricity (from World Development Indicators 2009), with some additional speculative bits about consumption by nation, including some from a post of JD's a few years ago. He also quoted you in 2005 quoting Henry Groppe that something like 20 mb/d is being gobbled up by heat and electricity, which, if true, would mean that all this talk about cars is missing the forest for the ocean, let's say...mentioned some of this in a forthcoming TOD post.