Monday, March 23, 2020

New York vs Italy

I think what is happening here is that Italy is just barely maybe starting to contain the virus.  New York is in serious and, I would guess, irrecoverable containment failure.  Italy has been locked down since March 9th.  New York is still far from fully locked down.

The data are for New York State, but it's basically driven by the NYC metro area.

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Lars-Eric Bjerke said...

Welcome back!
My country Sweden is still fairly open compared to other western countries. We still go to work, children go to school, and shops and resturants are open. No one wears a mask. All the country boarders are open. The ski resorts are open.The requirements from the authorities are.
- Stay home if you are ill. (We get payed sickleave from the first day.)
- Keep distance to other people especially indoors.
- Don’t visit elderlty people (+70). They should avoid all contacts if possible, but can and should have outdoor activities.
- Wash yor hands.
The predictions of number of patients requiring hospital care for the different regions in Sweden are gauss curves, with a maximum at about 80 days after the start of the increase of hospitalisation.
The rules enforced in most countries, I guess, should be possible to keep, at least 3 to 4 months.