Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Links

  • Above - European unemployment continues to worsen.
  • US Department of Transportation supportive of at least semi-autonomous cars (basically with an auto-pilot).
  • 5.3 new diseases emerging per year.
  • What kind of money should cyber-criminals use?
  • The Arab Spring countries may be worse off economically as a result.  A general lesson of history seems to be that revolutions are really hard to do well.  Running a country is not easy, and even if the current government really sucks, it's quite easy to make things even worse.
  • A cyclone in the Arctic might be making a big hole in the ice early in the melting season.
  • On the CO2 in the Bakken thing, I found this: "Harju said he knows of two field tests of CO2  injection into Bakken rocks – one in Mountrail County and one in Montana. Neither was economically successful, but they will help researchers with their laboratory experiments."  Sounds like it might be premature to get too excited.

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Luke The Debtor said...

Greece has youth unemployment of 56.4%. How are the children of that country to learn useful skills?

And if I remember correctly from history class, after its revolution the US dealt with a constitutional (Articles of Confederation) crisis in the wake of Shays' Rebellion.