Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday Links

  • An on-the-ground report that is skeptical that Chinese "ghost cities" are actually ghost at all.  The website, Vagabond Journey, looks like an interesting resource generally.
  • Jim Hamilton has a retrospective at the peak-oil debate from around 2005.  He concludes that those of us saying that oil supply couldn't go much higher were a lot closer to the truth than those claiming there would be ample supply.
  • More Kim Jong Un sabre rattling.  Here's the Wiki page on him for background.
  • Japan goes big on quantitative easing.


Mitch Schindler said...

I first started learning about peak oil in May of 2005, by coincidence. At it's core, the theory was/is simply that the production of crude oil would peak and then decline. The chart in Jim Hamilton's post certainly shows a peaking trend since 2005, but it would be better if it went back more than 5 years previous (to 2000). This would more effectively demonstrate that the last 8 years are actually a peaking phenomenon within the context of, say, the last 50. He has Texas oil production going back that long, but global would be better, I think. Any chance you put up a historical chart of only global crude production? For me, that is what the peak oil theory is about.

Unknown said...

There were numerous oil experts saying oil supply wouldn't ever be going much higher.

sunbeam said...

Natural gas liquids can't be turned into gasoline or diesel?

I suspect they can, it just might be a good idea energetically.

That said is there a difference between natural gas liquids, and condensate that they collect from certain oil wells?