Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Links


Speedy said...

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission takes the possibility of another Carrington event seriously.

This response by the NRC discusses in detail how well the country's nuclear power plants are prepared for widespread, long-duration loss of outside power due to a severe solar storm. Answer: not very. Only one week of diesel is stored onsite for backup generators.

The probabilities of a severe solar storm are also discussed.

The Fukushima accident must have their attention. Scary to think that this known threat is only being addressed now. We have been living under this risk all our lives.

The NRC clearly disregarded the nuclear and electric industries assertion that current precautions are adequate.

sunbeam said...

I find the Internet story very disturbing, though not surprising. I've kind of assumed the situation was what is being described for a while.

The only defense against this is not to use the internet.

Of course that is easier said than done, and it cuts you off from a lot of things.

Then again, I think there is a new kind of defense mechanism emerging from people.

They don't give a flaming rip what you know. If they like porn where hot women step on bugs with stiletto heels they don't really care whether Agent Mike, their mom, or friends know.

Heck, they would probably be happy to send a Brett Favre crotch shot to the NSA if they could get some positive feedback from them.