Wednesday, July 11, 2012

OPEC says Liquid Fuel Down Slightly

The graph is above.  I'm sure the decline is not in any way statistically significant, but still it reinforces the impression that growth in the liquid fuel supply stopped in January of this year.  It's been essentially flat since then.  With prices not rising, that suggests a weak global economy.

The IEA will release the OMR tomorrow, so we may get another data point then.


Alexander Ac said...

Hi Stuart, OT. What did you write about *future* drought?

There you go: U.S. Declares the Largest Natural Disaster Area Ever Due to Drought

There you go... Alex

Lars-Eric Bjerke said...


Do you plan to comment on Alekl├Ątts "Peeking at Peak Oil"?

Stuart Staniford said...

Alas - the OMR is not deigning to tell us proles and cheapskates without a subscription what oil supply was in July.