Monday, June 27, 2011

Do Energy/Environment Blogs get read in Government?

Apparently so. From one of the internal EIA email exchanges released by the NYT in association with the Urbina shale gas articles (p33 of here):

and from the same document p39:


KLR said...

Rapier has an excellent new piece on Joe Romm cheerleading for activily using the SPR:

<a href=">Tapping the SPR: The Root of Dysfunctional Energy Policies</a>

Romm's rejoinders to accusations that he's lost his marbles are extra thin gruel. One theory is pols using bloggers for their own agenda, aka astroturfing.

cimon9999 said...

I'm sure you're in there somewhere, Stuart! ☺

kjmclark said...

Well, I can assure you that I know of several folks at EPA who read your blog and TOD. Don't know if any of the others are in a position of more influence. :-)

We have, however, pointed out peak oil as a topic to pay attention to, and I noticed something recently that suggested other people, higher up, are aware of the topic. It might be part of the internal push for higher CAFE standards; don't know.