Friday, December 3, 2010

Dismal Employment Stats

The latest BLS numbers are out.  The figures for the male employment-population ratio is above, and they are not good - the contraction in the last month was comparable to the rates of contraction during the recent recession.

The picture for women was not a whole lot better:


TiradeFaction said...

R.G. Price had a good article regarding unemployment and education, you might like it.

Mr. Sunshine said...

69% of women employed, ~80% of men in the 25/54 demo. That's a lot of peoplein the prime of life not working - 39% of women and ~20% of men. Who knew there were some many rich people?

Stuart Staniford said...

Mr Sunshine:

It's not the rich who make up most of that 20%, it's the uneducated. See here.

Michael Cain said...

I've been watching the statistics for the 55-64 year-old cohort, since I think this is the group that Congress is more likely to regard as the crisis. While the unemployment rate is not as high for the oldsters (of which I am one), once unemployed they stay unemployed significantly longer than the population as a whole. This is also the group for whom non-employer health insurance is most likely to be unaffordable or unavailable.

And the oldsters are organized -- Congress critters listen to the AARP. It seems a safe bet that the AARP will get at least some attention from Congress for a group that can't afford to retire, can't afford (or get in many cases) health insurance, and can't find a job.