Friday, September 27, 2013

Monthly Oil Supply Update

Administrative Note: Apologies for the lack of blogging around here.  I've been teaching a new course at Cornell, amongst other things, and have been incredibly busy.

Anyway, here is the latest global oil supply data.  After a period of flatness in 2012 and early 2013, there has been a modest uptick in supply in the summer of 2013 - to the tune of about 1mbd extra in July, though with some fallback in August.  The graph above shows the major data series for total liquid fuel, along with Brent oil price on the right scale.

This graph also shows the level of crude & condensate.  We won't know for sure whether the July peak will also show up in the C&C level, but I would expect that it would.

Finally, a close-up of total oil supply, just for the period since the great recession:


Lars-Eric Bjerke said...


Car sales in Norway september 2013
1. Tesla S 800
2. VW Golf
3. Toyota

sunbeam said...

Where are ya Stewart?

The issues I'm interested in, and read your blog to see discussed aren't on a week to week development table (more like decades or five-year plans), but it's been a while.

Any topics of interest? Or have you hung up the blog hat for now?

Stuart Staniford said...


Been slammed teaching at Cornell! Likely won't blog much until second week of December or so when my course is over and I can re-evaluate the situation. Agree I'm kind of curious to see the more recent data myself.

Robert Wilson said...

I am looking forward to future oil supply updates

Unknown said...

Looking forward to it as well.

sunbeam said...

Not sure when you are going to start posting again Stewart, but something I wanted to say.

I am seeing too many articles about driverless cars, and automated driving.

Too many people are working on them.

I don't have any particular article to link to, but have 3 general thoughts:

1) Maybe this problem isn't as hard as anyone has been thinking? After all ants get by successfully without a lot of processing power.

2) And the idea of two several ton vehicles passing each other in opposite directions, with a relative difference in speed of 120 mile per hour, guided only by a human driver might just have struck a pre-20th century person as insane as well.

3) It might be an exercise in groupthink, "everyone else is working on this," but I dunno. Seems like we might beat your timetable (was it a decade? two?) for this.

No idea how long it takes the powers that be to made amenable to this notion, but my hunch is that we could have something workable on these lines in less than five years. And it will improve rapidly after that.

Might see the proof of concept running in Japan a few years before anywhere else though.

Lars-Eric Bjerke said...


You might look at this video from Volvo, the self parking car.