Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Links

  • The above is European unemployment.  Is that a slight hint of improvement, finally, there at the end?  Or just noise?  Too soon to tell.
  • Apparently, if you set up a decoy water treatment plant control system on the Internet, there are a lot of groups willing and able to compromise it and take over the non-existent water plant.  The implication is that critical infrastructure like this has probably been extensively compromised by foreign intelligence agencies.  Maybe folks should be getting a few extra plastic tanks for the basement?
  • Sounds like NSA wiretaps are actually being used to initiate normal criminal cases, and agents are being trained to conceal the fact on a large scale.  Great, just great.  
  • European retail trade is below.  Although the last month was down a little bit, the last six months in the aggregate appear to have stopped trending down.

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