Monday, February 18, 2013

Oil Supply Flatness Continues

January oil supply numbers are out - chart above.  Still no real sign of supply increases - there was a very small bump up in November, but it has now faded.

This is becoming a pretty interesting situation.


Michael R said...

Millions of Barrels/Day of what? C+C? Unconventional? Bio?

Is it possible to break out the constituents separately?

patfla said...

At a second pass, it's the nation-by-nation canceling out that I'd be curious to see - which I can presumably look up for myself.

Stuart Staniford said...

Michael R - this is total liquids (ie including NGLs, refinery gains, biofuels etc). I do periodically post charts of the EIA's breakdown, but their numbers run a few months behind, so we always have to look at total liquids to get a first sense of the situation.